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10 easy steps to create your interior project

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Planning a new interior project?

Does thinking about it leave your head in a spin? So many ideas buzzing around with no order or process to follow?

My step by step guide is essential to your interior project.


Step 1

Mind mapping/brainstorming

Get all your ideas down on paper, include wants and essentials for the room. Start to link up and group ideas to form a list that you can refer back to while creating your brief.

Step 2


Set your budget for the project, this is vital to keep it running smoothly. Section the budget into priority spends to help you stay on track. 

Keep a contingency allowance for any price increases, there's always an increase somewhere but this helps you not to feel out of control.

Step 3


Start looking for ideas and inspiration forming your style. Use magazines, interior books and Pinterest as a starting source. Do you have a favourite painting? Pull out colours from that. Or will your sofa inspire a colour choice?

Step 4

Floor Layout

Measure the room and draw the layout on paper, include measurements. Add any key items that need to be considered allowing space for movement!

Step 5

How to colour plan

Which colours have popped out at you? Create a palette of 3-4 colours and work with them. Keep in mind tones and hues of your colours to extend your palette to ensure you enjoy using colour!

Step 6

Don't forget Lighting!

Whether it's natural light or additional lighting it changes everything in your colour scheme.

Step 7

Considering finishes

Will you be using paint, wallpaper or both? Consider interior fabrics and what you'll use for flooring.

Step 8

Mood board

At this stage with your design ideas in mind start to form a moodboard using colour and fabric samples and swatches. Make sure all sources are working together giving you a clear template to work from.

Step 9

Costing up and getting quotes

Look at paint brands, wallpaper and fabric suppliers and with the advice from a decorator find out the costs and amounts you'll need.

Start to look at the different trades to cover the jobs, get at least 3 quotes to compare. Finalise quotes, timescales and key dates in work order. 

Step 10

Getting ready for work to commence!

Plan the emptying out of the room and areas that trades need access to. 

Buy a kettle, mugs, tea bags and loads of biscuits!


Happy planning and If you need any help please drop me a line, I'd love to help you create your project!









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