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5 inspirational resources to help grow your interior knowledge

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Are you ready for some new interior inspiration? We all need some fresh inspiration. I love delving deeper into the interior world, developing and learning from my peers.

I want to share with you some of the colour and interior resources I have found really useful to encourage you to bring more colour into your homes. 

These resources have been on my desk over the last few weeks and I have used all of them at various times finding inspiring and practical tips with new approaches. The books chosen are useful for anyone who loves colour and interiors and for those who hold home as their sanctuary.

1. Rockett St George, Extraordinary interiors in colour, By Jane Rockett and Lucy St George

With a hugely successful online interiors shop and a super-cool eclectic style, I was already a big fan of Rocket st George. I bought this book last year and often pick it up for inspiration and reminders on colour scheming. It has a lovely simple flow that clearly explains colour theory, discusses the practical aspects to think about when choosing colour including influences from nature and travel to inspire you.

2. The Colour Scheme Bible, by Anna Starmer

Anna beautifully explains how to use colour and the various factors to think about when choosing palettes. She has designed an extensive group of colour palettes for you to pick and use, all heavenly colour pairings. It helps to take the risk out of choosing a colour scheme for those that need the reassurance.

3. Happy Starts at Home, by Rebecca West

This book focuses on the feelings of your home and all the aspects to consider when designing each room, focusing on working out how you want to live.

"it's not about buying or not buying a new sofa. It's about whether your home is working for you."

Commit to a philosophy of buying fewer things and doing more to discover what's holding you back, in order to find joy and create a home that makes you smile.

4. The Simple Things magazine September, Touch

The Simple Things magazine is a treat, this year during lockdown I have bought most issues of the Simple Things. I find it's positive and nurturing style so grounding and has given that feeling of safety and looking after each other. It has a mix of creative projects, food, gardening and well being with plenty of old fashioned ways and old wives tales. A truly comforting magazine that I would recommend treating yourself to. 

I also have magazine subscriptions to Elle Decoration, Living etc and Red magazine (for fashion, lifestyle and interiors) but often end up buying more as I see them and get enticed!

5. 101 Interior design answers, by Kate Watson-Smyth aka Mad about the House.

101 interior design answers

The final book I am recommending is the answer to any interior question, by the interiors guru Kate Watson-Smyth. I met Kate earlier this year on a fabulous interior colour retreat that she hosted with Sophie Robinson in Marrakech. This recently published book covers any of the niggling interior questions you might have like: How can I make a room lighter? or How much space do I need for an island or peninsula? It is as useful for a new homeowner as for a house lived in for years looking to make small changes. 

I studied a Textile design degree at Chelsea College of Art, where I cemented my passion for fashion and interiors. Textiles gave me the platform to express my love of colour, with pattern and texture.

After 25 years in the industry, my love for the design industry has grown and developed, I am always keeping a keen eye out for new designers, or brands and love learning new interior ideas and tips always with a key focus on bringing more colour into our homes.

Keep learning and love your home.




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