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So it’s March and Spring is in sight. I have to admit I have been in hibernation for a while: ‘Lola Swift’ reverted back to ‘Lola Straw’ (my married name). After months of planning and two months running the Lola Swift Pop-Up shop, it was time to refocus on my family and be a more present mum.

I enjoy reflecting after a big event. The Pop-up shop was such fun, a reawakening of my previous business as well as the perfect showcase for all the ideas and influences I now have. My passion for colour and love for creating eclectic, beautifully curated, interior spaces was realised on a busy Bath high street.

As with any venture, support was essential. We are a team of two busy mothers who love fashion, style and things that break the mould. George leads our social media and is a shop styling expert. My background is design, specifically knitwear but I love interiors and fashion too.

I have a large and close family and thankfully, everyone was happy to pitch in. They were certainly my backbone and kept my spirits up with their unwavering support. My husband, Mike, my own personal business guru, was there to guide and encourage. My kids were very much involved. Lexy, my eldest daughter was my right hand assistant, Clara and Alfie gave me endless encouragement, positivity and even served a few customers on busy days. My sister Ella crocheted beautiful one-off pieces for the shop as well as helping to host events, often with her own daughter, Lillianna in tow. It truly was a whole family affair and I couldn't have done it all without you. Thank you.

So as spring begins to unfurl, so Lola Swift awakens once more. We are busy sourcing the new and unusual, I am blogging, recording the journey and designing again. You’ll soon see new, one-off pieces from my own knitwear label. 

Brace yourself for new and quirky interior pieces I've found, gorgeous fashion knitwear I'm creating, and lots of COLOUR!

Read the monthly blog on the website, become our friend , like us on facebook, instagram and twitter and continue with us on the next part of the journey.

Lola x


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