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It’s January and getting colder, time to layer up and put on your knitwear. Why is it that some jumpers are so warm, and others feel like you need to wear another one? It’s all in the material mix. Strands of fibers make up a yarn determining the yarn content e.g. 100% wool or 20%Wool, 50% Acrylic 30% Polyester. The higher the wool content the warmer the jumper.

When purchasing, look at the knitwear garment label, often if it is a mix it will be Polyester and acrylic these are both synthetic. Both are unbreathable and also create static. When a jumper made from Polyester and acrylic mixes they pill. This kind of pilling sticks and can only be shaved off.

Often fast fashion high street brands use synthetic mixes to keep the product costs down, but some designer brands are producing fabrics made from low percentage wool with high acrylic or polyester. We need to get into the mindset that by reading the label and choosing the natural material, you may spend a little more but you get better quality, longer lasting clothes. That way, you don't need to replace it as often, so saving money in the long run.

100% wool item is breathable, antibacterial, biodegradable. A wool jumper will in time pill but is easy to brush off with a de-bobble comb. Give a little love and care and your natural wool clothing will last a lifetime and keep you supremely warm. In our world of waste and fast fashion, it doesn’t have to be hard to find clothing that lasts. All you have to do is read the label! You can typically find it on the center label or inside the garment on the left side—think skirts, dresses, and often times tops, as producers like to hide not-so-great material content in a hard to reach place.

Popular types of wool:

100% Merino wool – The finest spun wool, beautifully soft to wear, non-itchy and a good quality merino is similar to cashmere. Usually coming from sheep bred in South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and china the warmer climates.

100% Superfine Lambswool – This is another beautiful wool coming from a lamb again bred in a warmer climate most commonly Geelong in Australia. It can also have a similar feel to cashmere, but in comparison, Lambswool is far more hard wearing. 

100% Pure Wool and if possible British Wool – This is a coarser wool, as our sheep need a thick coat to keep them warm in our colder and wetter climate. British wool tends to be used in outerwear, interiors, carpets and bedding as its coarseness allows for excellent insulation. All supremely warm and fantastic quality.

The Woolroom, sell beautiful 100% wool pillows, in various sizes and prices range from £29.00 - £79.00

Wool care:

Many of my wool items that I bring out year after year, last because I look after them. I wash them in cool water on a gentle cycle, dry flat and a warm iron. I put them away in the spring in a cotton breathable bag, to keep away the moths!

A great de-piller gadget can be found in Lakeland at £14.99, providing a comb with attachments for different wools and thickness. 


Think about longevity, think about natural products and about production as well as lifecycle.



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