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Under the Tuscan sun

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Whilst relaxing in Tuscany on our family holiday, I’ve been reflecting on my business and planning ahead. You may have noticed a shift lately as my work gravitates further towards interior design.

Currently I’m working on a house renovation and enjoying the process of instilling my clients with the confidence to use colour in their home. We have been creating colour schemes and bringing together their style ideas through the use of textiles and furniture to create an overall design.

With each new stage, my clients experience waves of anxiety as I push them out of their comfort zones; only to be thrilled with the final result and relieved not to have played it safe.

Why is it that in our work roles we are always looking to challenge ourselves, break boundaries and think out of the box. But when it comes to our homes, we feel the need to decorate so safely?

We are frightened to use colour so we keep it neutral. We paint the walls white and say we will paint them a different colour later.

Why not push yourself at home? Do something different! Paint your walls with a new colour scheme or pick a piece of furniture that has pattern and texture. Find a new painting or print that you love that inspires you.

Use colour and design to create emotion. Do some research and find some new brands. Think about sustainability and provenance to add depth to your home.

Everywhere I look in Tuscany I see history, design, craftsmanship and great use of colour. They know how to tell a story, give depth and add interest. Whether it be the intricacy of brick work that took years to build or the mustard yellow painted walls. The frescoes painted on the ceilings, the many sculptures or the symmetry of the Cypress trees. They stimulate a thought and intrigue into a life gone by and each one is made to stand the test of time.



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