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The positive benefits of bringing plants into your bedroom

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I have been researching the positive benefits of bringing plants into the bedroom. Prompted by a recent article I read about how aloe vera plants can improve the air quality by producing oxygen at night and absorbing the toxins in the air, helping you to sleep better.

I have recognised the positive effect nature has on our well-being and want to incorporate the outside far more into the way we live inside. 

Lola Swift bedroom bplants

The term Biophilia, 'The Love of Life and All Living Systems' sums up the innate tendency we have to seek connections with nature. The article linked gives an in-depth description of how it influences our psychology and physiology.

Our bedroom felt a good place to focus, to enhance a place of peace and relaxation. The plethora of plants can feel overwhelming, but with plenty of information available, you can find great plants that are good for purifying and conditioning the air. Such as orchids, snake plants and the peace lily. Succulents are also a great choice to have in your bedroom as they hold the water in their leaves, resulting in less watering.

There are also many visual benefits of adding plants to your bedroom. All the varying tones of green as the light bounces off the leaves, and the intricacy of each leaf and varying unique patterns are mesmerising. 

I have bought a collection of beautiful house plants locally in Bath at Botanica Studio, Alice knows everything about plants, the light and type of room each one is suited to.

Finding the right size and shaped plant pots can be time-consuming and the options are vast, but it's important to get it right. Below are a few of the plant pots I bought or I was most drawn to.

Lola Swift jade plant pot

I chose this jade green pot from Luxeology who have a large selection of pots and vases. The aloe vera sits in it perfectly as I liked the option of it being raised up higher. Aloe Vera plants like to be in a sunny position, fitting perfectly in our light and sunny bedroom.

This image of the trio of ceramic pots from Rose and Grey would bring their lovely warm sunny colours into your bedroom, perfect for a trio of succulents.

I also had a boring but perfectly fine pot that needed a refresh. I found this innovative plant pot cover in yellow, black and white, you can buy them from Julia Davey in Bath, a brilliantly simple way to glam up a pot.

Trailing plants are really popular for your bedroom, this woven shelf, from Luxeology looks perfectly at home with small trailing plants, perhaps beside your bed with useful items for your bedtime routine?

Finding plant pots that work within your bedroom colour scheme can be a great way to blend in, they don't need to always be a feature in your room. This helps the plant be the feature over the pot. I have used a basic Ikea pink plant pot with a dainty floaty leaved Maidenhair fern.


Other plants such as jasmine and lavender are great for relaxing and reducing stress. I wanted to have the benefits of the plants, but I had enough plants for our room, so I bought an essential oil diffuser. This bamboo diffuser is from Neal’s Yard as I wanted to have it in the natural wood, but you can buy other versions from many retailers. Essential oils interact with our brain and help in promoting deep sleep.

bamboo diffuser

I have found the addition of plants and plant-based products has brought the room together, contributing to a calm and restful bedroom. I am sleeping so much better and I'm enjoying the view of plants all around our bedroom.



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