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Creative outdoor seating area

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How to turn a disused trampoline pit into a fabulous outdoor seating area. Here is how we designed and made an area for all our family and friends to have fun.

During the lockdown period, we decided to embark on a creative outdoor project. Our children now aged 10-18yrs had stopped using the sunken trampoline built into our garden 10 years ago. My youngest had been drawing amazing den structures, but we knew cost and capability were a barrier and we were limited to use the materials we had available at home.

We decided on a simple circular seating design that would create a cosy informal eating area. Left with a 1.2m deep and 12ft wide hole we began to make plans for a fabulous new outdoor dining/hang out area.

Originally when forming the hole for the trampoline, a drainage system had been created, including soak away gulleys and a gravel base with stone slabs for the trampoline to sit level. The supporting walls were built with concrete breeze blocks.

With the basic hole, we set about cleaning the breeze blocks with a wire brush to get ready for painting with masonry paint to freshen up and seal the breeze blocks. The paint we used was Dulux trade Weathershield, smooth masonry paint.

We had existing scaffolding planks from a previous project, perfect as were weathered and wouldn't warp. My husband and son set about designing two semi-circular benches to fit snug up against the wall.

By lining up all the planks, we marked out the circular 12ft diameter. A very rough shape with the depth to include a seat pad and cushion back approx 56cm.

The planks were then fixed together and the legs were designed to fit onto the existing concrete slabs to assure the seats were level. With two semi-circular benches made they moved onto to build the steps down into the seating area, designed to keep the floor area at the maximum size. Using the full width of the scaffolding planks, made into four steps.

Space was left to include a cooking area, with an old butcher's block with a marble top we had from our last home, a pizza-making table was created!

The scaffolding planks were all sealed in a Cuprinol complete wood preserver. The wood on the cooking table was treated with danish oil to have food on.

With the addition of new pea gravel to soften the floor, we were ready to try out our area and work out what else we needed to create a fun space. I added lots of soft fun colourful cushions, brought in an old circular table and we were all set.

We treated ourselves to a new Firepod pizza oven from to complete our alfresco dining experience.

With a family birthday party planned to go on into the evening, we decorated the area and added a parasol and heaters so we could keep warm and carry on!

This project has created a whole new fun area for all of us, it is cosy and the shape creates a sociable inclusive atmosphere.

This project needed us to think out of the box and with a creative eye, a wonderful space was formed. If you need any further help or information with a garden project please get in touch.



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