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It's been a relaxing last few weeks. I've found myself deep into the summer hols (enjoying a staycation in Devon with hubby and the kids) and deep into my design work (I was lucky to carve out a few days alone in the studio). For me, the absolute best of both worlds!

I'm working furiously on designs for this year's knitwear collection and I cant wait to reveal all at our annual Christmas pop-up this October. As always our location will remain a mystery for now but we will be sure to keep you posted. As soon as we know, you will too. Promise.

Anyone who knows my work will know already that colour features heavily and its been so wonderful of late to see it everywhere in fashion. It started with colour blocking and now designers everywhere seem to be embracing clashing colour. Just look at the recent collections from Gucci - rich candy colours, embellished highly textured fabrics......It's all been so inspiring.

This season you will see embroidery and beautiful patches are emerging as a big trend. It's all right up my design street. I've always loved intricate stitch work and butterflies and flowers have featured heavily in my previous work so some hand stitched embellishment may feature on my knitwear too.


George and I have also been hunting down other designers to fill the Christmas pop-up to the rafters with beautiful things and we're doing pretty well so far if we do say so ourselves. Our remit is always to find unusual, fairly made products that you'll love and treasure forever.  In this vain, we're off to Denmark next week for a part buying/part fun and inspiration trip. This summer has been full of contrasts but I'm loving them all. We'll report back on our trip and will keep you up to date with all pop-up news as it comes.

Lola x

PS. A little pop-up shop teaser: check out these gorgeously stylish wooden candlesticks from Sweden. A rainbow of colours are arriving soon.






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