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Find positivity through creativity and enhance your home

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How to manage your mood through creativity and build a positive environment through simple interior projects. Use your home and surroundings as inspiration and a route to make you happy. 

Using colour is a large part of my life and I have always loved the colour wheel. At the beginning of lockdown, I began to paint colour wheels, a controlled technique that needed concentration. This was needed to take my mind off the claustrophobic feeling of being told to #stayhome.

I have various colour wheel decoupage plates by John Derian these inspired me to make my own decoupage version. It wasn't planned, I went on a creative journey and enjoyed the process.

Lola swift colour wheel gallery wall

I experimented further painting other items using sample pots of emulsion in the gorgeous chalky colours from Earthborn Paints, these wooden boxes became a beautiful display for my work files that I look at every day.

Lola Swift Painted wooden boxes

If you feel creativity doesn't come naturally to you, don't be quick to dismiss your ability to form a new skill. Creativity can be in many forms, whether it's reading, writing, making your home, fashion, cooking and enjoying nature around us.

A few thoughts for you to remember:

  1. In a world where perfection takes precedence, don't be too hard on yourself in what you make. Many inventions originated in a mistake, it is the pathway to growth.
  2. Boost your positive thoughts by appreciating the enjoyment you're having while you're being creative. By pushing out the negative thinking you can cultivate happy emotions which will also increase your creative output.
  3. Mindfulness, allow yourself to enjoy the creative process as much as the end product. We react to a situation based on the stories we have in our head, by reframing the situation we can narrate our own experience.

I also had great pleasure in painting around the window frame in our downstairs bathroom in yellow. It lifts the room and makes me smile. It may not stay this way forever, but it's fun for now and that is what's important.

Lola Swift downstairs bathroom yellow framed window

Don't feel like the answer is to go around your house making lists of jobs to do. I totally agree with Kate Watson-Smyth when she said on their recent podcast The Great Indoors That there is no joy in doing the boring DIY jobs at the moment, you want to do fun creative projects that make you feel happy. 

Also, try to use what you already have as a starting point, repurpose objects or furniture. Use leftover fabric or samples to make some new cushions to update your living spaces.

In the image below I made cushion covers from free swatches of fabrics.

 Lola Swift Cushion cover

Another project I have enjoyed was combining a pack of cards about iconic fashion designers and laying them out in their full glory in an old picture frame. I can now enjoy each illustration and inspiring quotes all the time.

Lola Swift repurposed Picture

Taking time to sit and read the latest edition of The Simple Things magazine. It's front cover headline 'Inspire' is exactly what it does. It gave me an hour to stop thinking about my day to day mundane thoughts and fall into a daydream of new ideas. I now have more creative projects planned!

Lola Swift simple things magazine

In whatever way you can keep positive and find happiness, please understand it doesn't mean I don't feel the same and have exasperated moments too.

Whilst doing my daily exercise, I loved what Joe Wicks said on PE with Joe:

'This wonderful theatre of life, that we are all living right now'

Lola Swift signature


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