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How to create a statement downstairs bathroom

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Designing a downstairs bathroom should be fun, creating a room that can interest, inspire and amuse the viewer. 

Lola Swift Statement downstairs bathroom

Some key thoughts when designing a downstairs bathroom:

  1. The layout is key, avoiding any pinch points in a small bathroom
  2. Create a statement feature
  3. Be brave with colour
  4. Give the room personality
  5. Keep furniture in scale with the size of the room
  6. Minimise storage and try to keep the floor area free
  7. Choose wallpaper to make an impact
  8. Use a mirror to reflect and create space 
  9. Find a thread to connect it to other nearby areas

Creating a feature with wallpaper is a lovely way to bring personality into the room. Here I created a wallpaper from a montage of family photos printed by Space innovations. Supply the company a selection of photos and the specific measurements of the wall it is to be applied to. They create placement and proportions, giving the freedom to make any positional changes.

The wallpaper arrives just like a normal roll, applied with wallpaper paste. When dry, to protect and prevent marking paint over a clear matt decorators varnish.

By positioning a floating vanity sink at an angle and taking the corner off the shape of the room prevents any pinch point areas. The taps and soap dispenser are attached to the back wall, it gives the small sink a feeling of space.

lola Swift bathroom furniture

Try to keep bathroom furniture in keeping with the style of the house, in this case, Edwardian. Some suggested bathroom suppliers locally in Bath are Total bathrooms, who sell a huge range of brands. Another bathroom company with designer pieces are Ripples Bathrooms.

The rooms surrounding the bathroom had a yellow theme running though, so I added a yellow frame to the window to lift the space and tie the areas together.

Lola Swift yellow steps

Yellow steps up to the kitchen.

Lola Swift utility room

The yellow Corian work surface was made by C.Jem worksurfaces in the utility area, adding colour, light and a soft buttery feel to what can often be a dull uninspiring space. The backdrop which many believe to be tiled is actually a fabulous printed wallpaper created by Louise Body.

I truly believe that colours make an impact on how you feel, using colours such as yellow can impact a usually mundane space and lift your spirit.  It's great to tell a story, quotes, paintings or prints on the wall make you smile when you glance over adding texture and depth to the room. Enjoy the process and have fun!


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