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June is for John Derian

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John Derian is an artist of many talents, he predominantly designs and produces incredible handmade decoupage glassware. Everything he puts his mind and hands to entice the viewer.


I first came across his work around 10 years ago on a trip to London while visiting my favourite shop, Designer Guild. The colours and patterns were just dreamy, I had to own some! My first collection of plates were covered in patterns of flowers, insects and butterflies.



Keeping a keen eye out years later, I saw another collection of his at Liberty in London. This time I saw colour wheels and art Deco style designs. It was as if John Derian was making each one just for me! The collection was almost too painful to leave. So, I set out to become a stockist of his collection myself and now have the privilege to stock a curated collection of his gorgeous pieces available on our website.


The colours and designs he creates to me scream nostalgia, romance and colour perfection. All the feelings that resonate throughout my work.


John Derian has also just launched a fabric and wallpaper range at Designers Guild, I think my sitting room is looking a bit drab…..







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