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We adore colour and our curated interiors are known to reflect that! But how do you make a colourful home? How do you turn a neutral living room into a vibrant colour infused pad, that you love to spend time in? Here are our steps:


  1. Choose your statement piece. Like a story, you need a beginning and your statement piece is exactly that for your interior. New York decoupage artist John Derian, makes beautiful hand blown glass plates which make equisite statement pieces and lead on to some wonderful colour combinations.


  1. Make a colour palate. Now you can choose a selection of colours that will compliment your statement piece. You can use harmonious colours (colours that sit next to each other in the colour wheel) like orange and pinks which share a red base. Or try contrasting colours like the reds and yellows as seen in our Miho 3D sculptures. They explode with colour and sit perfectly with accessories such as our Edgar lamp in ink blue.


  1. Create a mood board. Mood boards are a fantastic way to gather your ideas and consolidate your thoughts on what ambience you’re trying to create. Whether you want a warm and cosy atmosphere or a minimalist effect, there are some great tools online to help. Try bookmarking images you like on Instagram, then move them to Pinterest where you can order them by room, colour and other topics. Or simply get out your magazines and a pair of scissors.


  1. Add some fun and quirk with your home accessories. Using ideas from your mood board, you can create interest and talking points for your home.  We love our range of hand felted animals with swans, elephants, rabbits, birds and more. They all ooze personality and look fabulous wall mounted or perched on top of furniture.


  1. Live colourfully!  Once you’ve completed these first steps don’t stop there! Your home will continue to evolve, so just help it in the right direction.  Be inspired by colour and your love affair with your home will continue to grow!


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