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Overcome the fear of adding colour to your home

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I feel so excited that at last everyone is recognising the uninspiring effects of a safe colour scheme in their homes.

The realisation that our home interiors make an impact on how we feel. Our emotions are closely linked with our environment inside and out, we love to appreciate the outdoors and natures colours, but why is it we feel anxious about bringing those colours inside?

From many conversations with people and through the interior colour workshops I run, what becomes clear is that we know the predicable grey or beige route doesn’t make you feel alive, it doesn’t make you feel homely or cosy. Safe isn’t stimulating and safe isn’t relaxing, it can be paralysing. We feel that in many other everyday situations!

The question is how do we become braver with colour?

The stumbling block I see arises after the initial excitement of a new colour scheme, it’s the process from committing to actually applying when you can hit a hurdle. We can start to think about the safe options, what we should do, what we have done before rather than sticking with the original idea. The safe plan is easy to fall back on.

It is nothing to worry about, it is a natural feeling that you need to work through, like with many decision-making moments in life. It’s the belief that when you do something new it might not work, but you’ll never know unless you try. If it goes wrong does it really matter? it’s the process of getting there and finding the solution that can be exciting, and if you love the end look that is the best feeling!

Commit to following through the exciting colour palate you were drawn to; research and planning make the whole process a lot easier. I’m talking about considered risks, not knee-jerk colour planning. Colour psychology has many powerful elements and can be applied when choosing your colour scheme, also research through interior books, magazines and online influencers help to validate chosen colour combinations.

Lola Swift Colour resources

Karen Haller's new book 'The little book of colour' is a great book to reference different emotions associated with colour to help guide you in your choices. Also Annie Sloan's 'The Colourist' seasonal magazines, giving many colour choices through her passion for colour.

Luckily for me, I have never been afraid to use colour, I can be anxious in many other situations, but how I create my home and how I help others work through their colour schemes is a natural and comfortable process. Not to say I haven’t made mistakes with colour, I have many times, painting our sitting room four times to get the right colour is one example! But I am not afraid to try and fail. Learning is constant and through experimenting, you can discover wonderful outcomes. Through my colour consultancy service I can help bring your ideas to life, and guide you to have confidence, taking the stress and fear from your project.

We all want to be proud of our home, but you have to live there and love it, you need it to fulfil what makes you happy, whether it’s a quiet corner to read your book in warm pinks and greens or a sunny yellow utility room that gives you energy while doing your washing. It has to flick that switch for you.

Most of all it should be enjoyed, it’s a process that can help you learn more about yourself and what you like or don’t like. Be brave and follow it through, if you don’t like it change it!





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