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Lola is an Interior Designer and colour specialist living in the creative city of Bath. She began her career as a textile designer with her luxury knitwear gracing the shelves of Paul Smith, Selfridges and boutiques worldwide. Today her focus is on designs destined for our homes.

Interior decoration

Lola's intuitive understanding of colour, pattern and texture allows her to create rooms that are visually stimulating and yet feel personal, unpretentious and most importantly, comfortable. Her Scandinavian roots inspire her values of good design, the use of long-lasting materials, and a focus on craftsmanship that will stand the test of time.

She has an effortless knack of combining colour and form to create spaces that let your home tell your story.


I have throughout my career been inspired by Trisha Guild founder of Designer Guild. Her love of nature in design and colour resonates with my own design style.

I am passionate about sustainability, offering to inspire you to repurpose furniture and use recycled materials.

Memorable project

I was approached to design a cover for a Nokia mobile phone, the design was auctioned off for the Terrence Higgins Trust and my design raised more money than Terence Conran's design!


Lola’s shop offers a collection of homewares, where her label of beautiful British-made knitwear sits alongside carefully curated gifts and beautiful things to brighten up your world.



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