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Our beautiful knitwear is made from the finest natural yarns in the world. Luxury fibres carefully sourced for sumptuous quality. They’re lightweight, supremely soft and dependably, relentlessly warm.

Our CASHMERE comes from the finest source in the world, the goats of Inner Mongolia. In high demand for centuries because of its rarity, the fibre is a true indulgence. Our SUPERFINE LAMBSWOOL originates from the free roaming sheep of Australia, a light material which gives incredible warmth.

The yarn is produced in Scotland by spinners whose expertise and heritage in yarn spinning and knitting is unparalleled. Our commitment to support the British knitting industry helps keep these traditional crafts alive.

Lola Swift knitwear is created to last. Treated with a little love you will have the cosiest of relationships for years to come.


Care for Your Knitwear

The safest way to wash your Lola Swift piece is by hand at 30°C, then reshape it whilst damp and lay to dry on a flat surface at room temperature. If you have a gentle wool cycle on your washing machine, then why not go for the easy option; pop your knitwear in a mesh washing bag, choose a cold cycle with a slow spin, use a non-biological washing liquid and dry as above. (Never tumble dry though as shrinkage will occur).

Merino lambswool and cashmere are two of the finest natural fibres in existence and so require a little tender loving care to keep them lasting you for decades to come. Cashmere and merino wool can bobble or pill. This is a natural occurrence and not indicative of its quality. It happens as the fibres twist around themselves and can be treated simply by using a pilling comb.

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